As I sat in solitary confinement gazing in amazement at nothing, I realized that I had plenty of time to contemplate what in the world had just happened to my life. My great life… the one that had disappeared in what seemed like an instant, was gone! I’d just spent a year and a half listening to all the truths, half-truths, tall stories, outright of Scott’s for over two decades, I was trash by association. Guilty. Even though I was used only as a bit player in a tiny fraction of the scandal, the internet mavens and media pundits raced to vilify me without having any idea of what actually happened or how.

As I paced the cell, uttering and muttering my recalcitrant mantra, the words rang back at me, echoing limply off the concrete walls of the empty prison cell. “I should have stayed in Morocco”. Up until that instant, it had been nothing more than a saying, a slogan, a half-witted pipedream… a nonsensical vision of a distant, impossible alternative. But suddenly it became reality – since it was true! The idea for my book was duly conceived.

Sure, outsiders knew a few facts and figures, but that was about all. I had fleeting thoughts in the past about maybe someday setting the record straight. Or not. But why not? Now would be a good time… to give a real, human account of what happened – as well as to share some actual facts portraying how it went down. I was pretty sure there were no reporters following us around in Morocco. And so it was.

I didn’t want to write just another forensic account of Rothstein’s fabrications and spurious drivel regarding who did what to whom during the heyday of Scott Rothstein’s now-famous billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately for me, since I was a client, business partner and friend life, another trite replication of the volumes of venomous snippets posted on the net about his transgressions and ill character. I would communicate the story of how Scott’s life interfaced with mine over several decades - before the ‘explosion’ - and the events and conditions precedent to the day of reckoning that ultimately occurred in Morocco. I would also give people a realistic idea of the catastrophic failure of the prison system in America, and of the disastrous, far-reaching ramifications of the dirty ‘business’ of incarceration. How this could happen in this fantastic, free country of ours was beyond comprehension! People don’t know the truth. Better yet, I would do something about it!

So I set my mind to the task of revealing not only the truth, but providing an insight into what the Rothstein scandal looked like from the inner perspective of a close friend. Scott wasn’t always a scheming, eccentric, manipulative, misguided and insatiable billionaire. He was once young and enterprising, an ambitious attorney with a great sense of humor and a lot of heart. He was my friend.


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